Saturday, April 22, 2006

Elsevier Scopus on campaign in Holland

According to WoWter almost "tout" university library land was in Utrecht for a presentation of Scopus. I'll expect more to hear from the Groningen representatives later this week, perhaps somebody has put some ppt's on the web? For now the most interesting for me to hear was the fact that Scopus will launch their new author identification tool on May 12th this year. UBU staff tested & demonstrated Scopus and made comparisons with Google Scholar and Web of Science but i am not sure yet if they "discovered" many new stuff compared to for instance the Pipp-review, but according to Wouter they should publish it! His list of 2006 reviews about this issue is nice. Maybe it would be nice to share this with the CitULike community? Maybe even a special group for the comparison between Google Scholar, Web of Science, Scopus, Microsoft Academic Search, and in the future Yahoo and ...?
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