Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Windows Live & Academic & Citeseer

Who is starting a blog to compare Windows Live Academic with Google Scholar and ..? Posts are blazing over blogland. Here are just a few things I noticed. While Windows Live gives you a growing number of options to build your own webpage with your own feeds, mail and gadgets, the search function is starting to get an important feature.
The search results are offered in the tabs Web, News, Feeds, Images and Academic.
Academic search compared to Google Scholars search does not offer any citing mechanism, just gives a nice link to Citeseer if available! But they are thinking about it, yeah sure. You can easily add/save your searches to "your stuff" on your Live-page. You can sort search results by Author, by Journals, or by Conferences. Windows Live Academic Search lets you add your library’s link resolver to the search results. You can then access your library’s collection by using Academic Search. They do tell us what sources they use for the WLA search: http://academic.live.com/journals They should work on better response times and work on the errors i keep getting. "one tip from Windows Live Academic Search staff is to enter your search statement along with the term “ArXiv” to reach content in the OAI-compliant institutional repositories which that source covers! Also read: Windows Live Academic Search: The Details by Barbara Quint If you want to read what another medical librarian wrote about it: read the UBC Google Scholar Blog by Dean Giustini, reference librarian at the Biomedical Branch Library of the Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre . Tags: , , , , , ,
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