Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Libraries and Google" & Internet Reference Services Quarterly

The latest issue of Internet Reference Services Quarterly is completly filled with articles about the relation between Libraries and Google. Simultaneously published as "Libraries and Google" : "Learn to give your library patrons better service—using Google" One of the articles: Using the Google Search Appliance for Federated Searching: A Case Study Page Range: 45 - 55DOI: 10.1300/J136v10n03_06 Mary Taylor This article discusses the University of Nevada, Reno's experiment of federated searching with version 4.1 of the Google Search Appliance. The project's testbed included locally held CONTENTdm and geospatial data collections and a sample of records from EBSCO's Academic Search Premiere database. The latter set of records revealed the GSA's limitations in being able to index and retrieve content that is dynamically generated and that requires third party authentication. Keywords: Academic Search Premier, dynamically generated content, EBSCO Academic Search Premier, Google Search Appliance, XML
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