Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Open Acces Advantage

Published in JMIR by Günther Eysenbach : "A study published today in PLoS Biology provides robust evidence that open-access articles are more immediately recognized and cited than non-OA articles" This editorial provides some additional follow up data from the most recent analysis of the same cohort in April 2006, 17 to 21 months after publication. These data suggest that the citation gap between open access and non-open access papers continues to widen. I conclude with the observation that the “open access advantage” has at least three components:
  1. a citation count advantage (as a metric for knowledge uptake within the scientific community)
  2. an end user uptake advantage
  3. a cross-discipline fertilization advantage.

More research is needed, and JMIR is inviting research on all aspects of open access. ......."

J Med Internet Res 2006;8(2):e8)doi:10.2196/jmir.8.2.e8

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