Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Web 2.0 and Searching Mechanisms : IP-Lezing

Yesterday I did the tour from Groningen to Amsterdam to The Hilton Hotel to participate in the Workshop about Web 2.0 and to listen to the lectures delivered in the afternoon sessions. The "IP-lezing" is the yearly do organized by the journal "Informatie Professional" To my surprise the rooms for the workshops were only partly filled. Not even half of the chairs was occupied, while the organization ensured us that ALL workshops were completely booked, with a waiting list! 32 Participants in a room for 150? The content of the workshop about Web 2.0 was not what I expected and to put it bluntly not worth the money, for me that is. Although the presentation of Simon Lande was a nice overview of mainly the definition of Web 2.0, it never got any deeper than a introductory level. Instead of getting deeper into Web 2.Nought, by for instance looking at services that Libraries already have created with some kind of mash-up, we had to think about how to use blogs & wikis in projects... The first draft of this collaborate brainstorm will be published in a initial wiki that has to changed and developed by some participants of the group and should end up as an article in the IP itself. We'll see. I had to retreat -to recover from the workshop and lunch- during the break into the nice lounge bar of the Hilton with an expresso and a real Cuban cigar. They have an excellent collection on offer . My choice for the occasion was a Cohibas 2.0! And don't worry, my boss will not have to pay that bill-;) The talking Search Engine Updates by Chris Sherman. His walk through the major big shots in searchengine country was very interesting. Is it a coincidence that the Volkskrant also had a large article about the new Ask (without Jeeves)on the same day? Chris Sherman pleaded to have a new, better look at Ask. I hope the presentations will be on the website very soon, and perhaps even together with the recorded sessions delivered via rss as podcasts of the IP-lezing -;) User created content in enterprises / by Simon Lande. This was a good presentation that was complementary to the Workshop. Some special sites to have a deeper look at:

Dit zoekresultaat werd mede mogelijk gemaakt door ..../ Theo Huibers Nice presentation about getting more aware of the danger of possible manipulation by content- and/or search providers. The Black Hat Spammers and more. It's happening out there and not may people know it. Wake Up! We all got a copy of this new book in Dutch. Don't go to . It's not related, but a nice movie.

Search 2.0 / by Jeroen Bosman. A lecture full of metaphors comparing the search world with tropical rainforests. It's a jungle out there!

All in all it was a good events, but maybe i should have left Groningen a few hours later IP2006

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