Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The future of "Biomedical Digital Libraries"

This Editorial states what the BDJ plans to do in the future, and there are some nice things worth mentioning:
  • the open peer review process , recently started
  • new presentation formats, new reviewing protocols
  • they are ready to publish multimedia works, including podcasts. Ramsey’s “MultimediaBootcamp” paper is the first BDL piece to feature movies: Ramsey EC: Multimedia Bootcamp: a health sciences library provides basic training to promote faculty technology integration. Biomedical Digital Libraries 3 (3): 2006. [http://bio-diglib.com/content/3/1/3/].
  • "...One strength ofBDL is the variety of article types, including hypotheses, which are, “short articles presenting anuntested original hypothesis backed solely by previously published results rather than new evidence”
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The Future of Biomedical Digital Libraries Banks, Marcus A. Peay, Wayne J. info:doi/10.1186/1742-5581-3-5 Biomedical Digital Libraries 2006, 3:5 Biomedical Digital LibrariesThe Future of Biomedical Digital LibrariesMarcus A. Banks and Wayne J. Peay Biomedical Digital Libraries 2006, 3:5 Tags: , ,
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