Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How Can Academic Physicians Benefit From "Google Office"?

Will "Google Office" become important for academic physicians? : online word processor & Google Spreadsheet We can already use to collaborate on articles. You can see all the revisions and see the changes in real time.... Also with Writely, all collaborators always have the latest version of the document. With the recently released Online Spreadsheet Google Spreadsheets, you can now combine the data online and share it with other researchers. More info from the Clinical Cases and Images - Blog: "Importing or exporting a MS Excel document is easy. Whenever you are ready with the data analysis, just switch to Writely to prepare the abstract and manuscript. HIPAA compliance is a must -- no patient-identifiable information can be stored on Google servers.Google Spreadsheets and Writely will definitely be very useful to physician researchers around the world. Whether they are called "Google Office" or not, these 2 services will change the way we work.It Is Good to Share The key difference between the good old MS Word and Excel, and the new online collaboration tools is that you can "share" a document with other people. They can be invited as viewers or editors.Currently, Google Spreadsheets is a limited experiment and only the people who signed up very early this morning can use the product. .... References: It's nice to share. Google Blog. Google Spreadsheet? and Inside Google Spreadsheets. Google Blogoscoped. A look at Google's Spreadsheets. The Unofficial Google Weblog." Tags: , , , , ,
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