Friday, November 17, 2006

Did a BioMedical Librarian Blog on This before? Or anybody else?

I put up the Biomedical Library BlogSearch in my sidebar as well, just as Dymphie & Oliver, but I used the codes that "force" it through one of my Toolbars. That way the results get accompanied with all the other selections of search options that I can include in that Toolbar, IN A SPECIAL BROWSER "frame" that always stays on the top screen. I am thinking of all different kinds of blogsearch engines to continue the search very easily. For now I included Blog Search Engines ASK, TECHNORATI, GOOGLE, FEEDSTER AND BLOGDIGGER. You can start the search in any of those right away by just clicking on one of them, your word has been placed into the searchbox already. What (free) search engines would we advice/use in that Toolbar? Any suggestions?
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