Friday, November 03, 2006 : some details

We are changing from Embase via Silverplatter win/Webspirs to and are helping our patrons to deal with it. Here are some questions we asked the helpdesk and their answers:
  1. how many characters can be included in the advanced search box? We have noticed that with a large batch-set of authors we get illogical results numbers (less where we expect more) Helpdesk - The maximum numbers of characters is 1800. If your query exceeds this number you will receive a result with 3 dots, which means the system could not handle the query. To resolve this I advise you to divide a query exceeding the allowed 1800 characters in to 2 or more queries. ( as much as needed ). After you have done both queries, offers the option to combine both results, to do so follow the following steps:
  2. We would expect to get a error-message if we would reach a maximum input Helpdesk: This is currently not the case and this is an excellent suggestion! I have passed this on to our developing team.
  3. Is there a max in output as well? How many hits can be presented and exported? Helpdesk: Yes, the maximum number of references which can be exported at the time is 5000.
  4. How does the removing of duplicate hits takes place? Which records are not shown? Can I make THAT titles visible that were found in the different sets? Helpdesk: During a search checks if a record is duplicate. If finds duplicate records where there is both an Embase record and a Medline record, displays only the Embase record. There are some records on, where the Medline Record is indexed on before the Embase Record is indexed. In this case only, shows duplicate records in the shown results. Both the Medline and Embase records are then shown. We have indexers searching for duplicate records daily. Once we have found such a situation we make the necessary amendments. If you would spot a duplicate record shown in the results, please inform us, so that we can remove the duplicate record. It is not possible to show those Medline Records which are automatic filtered during the search where the an record present. The Embase Record shows all the data which is in the Medline Record.
  5. Does have a database preference, like Embase records béfore Medline? Helpdesk: Yes, shows the Embase records, before Medline.
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