Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Searching gets more visible, flexible and adjustable

With options like Rollyo and Google Custom Search you can do more! And combined with the Toolbar functions you can make your search appear (amost ) anywhere! SEARCH ALL MEDICAL LIBRARY BLOGS!

So first somebody (Dymphie & David Rothman) made a combined search engine through Google Custom Search.

It is easy to include that in to your own blog, like Oliver Obst did... but to include it in a blogger post like I tried to to show it here did not work right away. Blogger does not accept the tags for javascripts. I did a work around to include the CSE of the MedLibBloggers into a Library Toolbar and as you know seperate searchresources of the Conduit Toolbar can be made visible in any webpage, because they break down in a simple html form script.

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