Thursday, December 28, 2006

QuickSearch Box instead of your Library Toolbar?

Ok, the Library Toolbar for offering a quicksearch to your users is very cool, but many organizations are still very reluctant to offer this Tool via their networks, afraid of all kinds of things, limited by their network infrastructure. The extra strong part of these Toolbars is that you can generate a search facility on ANY WEBPAGE within your website or Intranet (but again: the chosen CMS or webpublising software can prevent you ussing this as well -;( It is easy to make a seperate searchbox that uses the Toolbars congiguration. And now I did create a QuickSearch Box for some resources in the QuickSearch Library Toolbar to see how it would look like: -------------------------------------------------- TEST PORTABLE SEARCHBOX CMB

in these sections

What I do need now is someone that can give me a crash course in making this into:
  • a Yahoo widget or
  • a Microsoftgadget for Windows Live
  • a Google Desktop Gadget
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