Thursday, December 14, 2006

Web 2.0 Toolbar available: where is the Library 2.0 Toolbar?

In Their Newsletter of December Conduit shows the very nice Web 2.0 Toolbar that has come available, including all SUBMIT features from all kinds of bookmark sites. Hope they can keep up .... When is somebody going to make a Library 2.0 Toolbar with all possible and avialabe features and gadgets? (I know about a script in Second Life that randomly presents an Library 2.0 Issue/Idea in a pop-up screen display , just to show off.) Come to think of it, I somehow remember that this was published on the web before ... I will get back on that. Some Aussies I think -;) Ok, found it:THE LIBRARY 2.0 IDEAS GENERATOR Want to see all of them on the Whiteboard? Or the The Library 2.0 Equation Generator?
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