Saturday, January 20, 2007

"Into the User Environment Now! in Trondheim

The extended and updated version of the Cluj presentation concludes with small summary of Second Life Libraries and a live demo. This proofed to be a nice finishing in Trondheim, as well as in Oslo.

In both cases a break was build in for coffee and social (not small) talk amongst the colleagues who do not meet each other that often. In the auditorium of the Laboratoriumsenteret of the St. Olavs Hospital about 70 people -medical and health librarians and even some BIBSYS staff, who have their office just a few block away- attended . (More on BIBSYS in a next post)

The more detailed workshop the next morning was perfectly situated in the Multimediensenteret of the Realfagbygget, Auditorium R6. The focus was on the Library Toolbar and this time I created a UBITMed Library Toolbar on the fly, I succeeded (luckily!) to include the BIBSYS search and other stuff. There was much interest for the LiveTrix presentation, because NTNU also has a Metalib version up and running together with 3 other university libraries in Norway.

The Multimediensenteret showed a very nice presentation about their use of video recording in teaching, also with delivering the video's in a format for mobile phones! I concluded the workshop with a speed tour about web trends and developments.

For the Library Toolbar we are going to use the "Library Toolbar" blog for sharing experiences and developments. I promised to put the slides up somewhere on the web, and I decided that Slideshare could be a good place for them:
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