Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Toolbar Workshop in Oslo

Today a group of 20 Norwegian colleagues from the Olso region did a 3 hours Workshop with me in a great computer room from the Oslo University College (http://www.hio.no) We mainly covered the Library Toolbar by looking into all kinds of details, but the great part was that people could create their own toolbar in a few minutes and add search engines, links, menu's etc. So there now are about 12 extra health/medical Library Toolbars created! We also worked on "our" new Metalib follow-up Livetrix, Web Trends and even a little Second Life demo -;) Want to see more Library Toolbars? Here is a picture of the Auditorium of the Kunnskapsenteret where I did my presentation this morning. My presentations will be up after next Thursday, i think somewhere on my blog, or on slideshare.com More pictures from Norway!
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