Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vigeland Park visit

Vigeland Park is a " must see"! That was what everbody told me. So, today -on my day off and travel to Trondheim- I went for a city walk by myself and explored Oslo. The weather was again very nice with a beautiful sun that stayed very low. Good for pictures! They will be up soon. I saw the harbour and the fjord and visited Akershus Festning. In the afternoon there was time to go to Vigeland Park with it's large number of sculptures, statues, fountain and the Monolith. Sigrun was so nice to play for tour guide and have lunch with me, untill I had to leave to catch the plane to Trondheim. It is now 23.56 and I am sitting in my hotel room in the very center of Trondheim at Hotel Augustin. Greetings from Augustinus Johannes Petrus.
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