Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Netvibes Search Modules for Medical Resources!

UPDATE: MedWorm Add to your Netvibes

Today -while chatting with David Rothman- I suddenly understood how to make a special Netvibes module that people can add to their own Netvibes page that offers SEARCH functionality in our library resources. Thanks for just being there David!
Have a look!

QuickSearch CMB (with selected resources from the Toolbar! Add to your Netvibes
Consumer Health and Patient Information Add to your Netvibes
PubMed (with our RUGLinks sfx) Add to your Netvibes
RUGCombine (our Metalib) QuickSearch Medicine Add to your Netvibes
SearchingRadiology Add to your Netvibes
KMLE Medical Dictionary Add to your Netvibes
Dermatology AtlasAdd to your Netvibes

"Wish List"
* Scirus (
* Cochrane Library
* MedPix™ Medical Image Database
* Yottalook Radiology Search
* Goldminer Radiology Search
* UBC Healthlib Wiki
* EBM Librarian Wiki

Any ideas to add? Let me know.

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