Friday, March 23, 2007

CWIS-NL live broadcast of Web 2.0 program on March 27th

The CWIS-NL meeting on March 27th on "Web 2.0 : are we ready for reality?" will be broadcasted live via SURFnet-TV.

Several speakers will talk about the use of virtual environments in higher education, like Hyves and Second Life. The real life event is booked solid with over 200 people. The broadcast starts at 10.00 am :

After the meet the video presentations will be made available at: Right now you will find the complete program (sorry, only in Dutch ;-)

Please have a look at this program anyway, because it contains very interesting links, i.e. from Multi-user game environments in het onderwijs (education) Harald Warmelink (Universiteit Utrecht): - Neverwinter Nights in the Classroom - Open source onderwijs over online gaming - Alternate Reality - Als 'The Sims' huiswerk wordt - Ghost Towns & Virtual Worlds - Gaming the System: What Higher Education Can Learn from Multiplayer Online Worlds

Be sure to check his "SWOT analysis on Second Life" (also in Dutch, but again, with a lot of useful references and links) at the Games2Learn wiki van Surfnet!
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