Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Play2Train Open Content Alliance

Play2Train Open Content Alliance Basically they will offer free land and infrastructure + services to anyone who wants to teach emergency preparedness or related courses!

"The Play2Train environment is currently under the purview of the Idaho Bioterrorism Awareness and Preparedness Program (IBAPP)and the Institute of Rural Health at Idaho State University.

The Play2Train Open Content Alliance (POCA), which is evolving from the Play2Train activities, represents collaborative efforts to build a permanent self-sustaining archive of open source virtual worlds, including their content and applications, to support public domain emergency preparedness training and exercises.

The virtual content is implemented in the Second Life platform. The powerful user content generation system of Second Life has allowed us to build a sizeable set of virtual environments for emergency preparedness exercises in a fairly short time.

We will consider competing platforms as their functionalities begin to match those currently supported by the chosen platform. We hope that this resource will significantly lower the barrier for accessing such virtual environments for emergency preparedness training."

Read more at their website and/or wiki!

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