Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What I forgot to tell at Karolinska ....

They gave me 45 mins, but as always I had trouble with deciding what to tell and show. There are some many exciting subjects that are worth mentioning. So I made a choice, and did not tell all that was on my basic list. I must confess, some things I just plainly forgot to tell, by the stress of being in front of 150 people working in medical libraries all around Sweden. Here's my list of:

Things I wanted to tell but had no time for (or just forgot;-)
  1. LibraryToolbar is a blog that can be used for sharing and collaboration around Library Toolbars. I am thinking a instructional things, olverviews of excisting searchstrings, toolbar icons, etc. So If you are interested, please send me an email, and I can put you up as contributor as well!

  2. The Netvibes Karolinska Institutet Searchbox is actually based on an exciting beta version of a Karolinska Institutet Library Toolbar. If you have a toolbar with installed search options, you can easily configure search boxes in html that can start that quicksearch function on practically any webpage or intranet.

  3. That I already helped in creating some other Library Toolbars too:
    1. LSH Library Toolbar (Landspitali, Iceland)
    2. Helsebiblioteket Oslo
    3. NCRC National Cancer Research Croatia Library
    4. NLK (National Medical Libary, Cz)
    5. Medisinsk Bibliotek Toolbar, UBITMed Trondheim
    6. ZNB Medische Bibliotheek and more

  4. That I will gladly help anybody with creating their medical library toolbar as I see the sharing and exchange of information on this subject (and others) very important. It does not matter if you have a one-person library or a larger one, just send me an email. I am getting more and more experienced in giving workshops on making them as well.

  5. LiveTrix learns from statistics from previous searches and analysis of the saved metadata. That way users can be advised to use other relevant resources in the best way. The current configuration prevents a lot of mistakes our users are making while doing literature research.

  6. It also tackles the problem of uncompairable classification systems with federated searching, also based on statistics and analysis of large metadata sets. See more about technical details at the wiki

  7. From Library toolbar to searchboxes, to RSS feeds, to personal webpages and networks (Netvibes, Netvibes Universe, Google IG, Windows Live, MySpace, Facebook, Ning etc.). Almost anything is possible to create web-based, and not just for me. If I can do it you can do it! Your library staff can, and even your users can create their own content in the environment they like/use.

  8. That HealthInfo Island has several parcels of land on EduIsland4 to be used by non-profit serious health or medical organisations, for a period of 6 months for free! Ask for Namro Orman or Carolina Keats if you want to know more!


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