Monday, September 24, 2007

EBLIP Boo(s)th in Krakow

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP) is not new, it just was called Evidence Based Librarianship before. Every librarian should be aware of and have extensive knowledge about this model, as it can support and improve day-today decision-making. The concept got a real boost for a lot of people in Krakow during the EAHIL 2007 Workshop at his fullday CEC called "Using Evidence in Day toDay Practice: an EBLIP Update". Here's the course outline:
  • Overview of EBLIP
  • Burning Questions/Current Issues
  • Sourcing the Evidence
  • The EBLIP Journal Club
  • Making Sound Library Decisions
  • Decision-making tools and aids
Although I am convinced every librarian should know and use at least the basics of this model, a greater role should be played by more regional or national health organisations to take part in this. One can not deny that it is a time-consuming activity that many can not practice in day-to-day workload.Re-configuration of tasks and roles seems logic to be able to integrate it. This will not be possible for everybody immediately, but it should be a goal, a focus for the future. You could say Andrew -together with Anne McKibbon- both gave face to this Workshop. Both did a fullday course ánd a plenary presentation. Andrews presentation was about:
New Breed or Different Species: is the 21st Century Health Information Professional Generic or Specific?
And Anne did a course on: Statistics for the Statistically Challenged: A Primer for Understanding the Numbers and Statistics in Healthcare Research Reports. Her presentation was called:
Medical Librarians and Research: Myths, Realities, and Opportunities
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