Saturday, September 01, 2007

Netvibes Modules as easy as adding url and html codes : MedWorm example

Do you have nice ideas about offering your users nice tools for their own personal pages?
Think about telling them Netvibes!
Creating modules or widgets is now as easy as :
  • just adding an url of the pages you want to display, or
  • just pasting the html inside a box and saving
Have a look at and see what I mean.

As an example I copied part of the html code of the MedWorm TagCloud page , and pasted it into a new External Widget. And to my surprise it just displayed the cloud, just like that ;-).

- From my Netvibes Universe, people can add it to their own page or
- they get the link and/or html code by email or IM from you as a friend (or librarian) or
- you publish the Netvibes module to the Netvibes EcoSystem or
- you put the icon with link on your own library website and/or blog.

Want to have this too in Netvibes, just click the Netvibes-icon below.
Add to Netvibes
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