Monday, September 24, 2007

Second Life Experiences

“Roughly, there are two kinds of people:
  • those who look through technology...and are stretching themselves out to touch the goal and
  • those who want it NOW...and go bah, without even living and breathing in virtual environments, understand and see thru.. .the little glitches.
“It's the first ones that will decide how far developments will go in virtual environments like Second Life.” (after Ramesh Ramloll aka Moriz Gupte, Play2Train)

Have a discussion about this at your campfire!
It is a challenge to make those two come closer together.
Should the library play a leading role in this development?

Well, somebody within your organisation should, and if nobody is doing it, libraries should graps this chance to jump in and play a stimulating role.
Information architecture, content management, distribution, searchability & maximum findability, that's what we should be focussing on. If you have a state of the art information management systems, integrated, interconnected with all platforms and apps used within your organisation, why not choose to look a bit further and deliver it in multiple environments? If you have used the correct standards, this should not be too difficult.
If you don't have these systems and this level of integration, I can imagine your efforts should focus on this as a priority.
But bluntly ignoring innovative developments like virtual environments and Web 3D is a no go for me. Otherwise we will -in the future- be stuck again with the wrong platforms, the wrong (or no )standards & interfaces. Researchers, staff and students will choose (or create) their own (working or social )environments.

Here's the fulltext that goes with my presentation about "Getting Your Consumer Health Information from an Avatar : Health and Medical Related Activities in a Virtual Environment"

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