Friday, October 12, 2007

ILI2007: Phil Bradley - "Facing the Challenge of Web 2.0 as a Disruptive Technology"

2.0 anarchy bunch change chaos don’t call it web 2.0 embrase empowerend-users forget about that fun I am sorry for you, but I just can’t be bothered (anymore) I JUST DON’T CARE (ANYMORE) If you want it or not it’s a fun thing to do It’s happening (anyway) Just do it! Mindset No, but… not all at once Playing around Playing is a good thing Scared Start with one Stuff Things Threats To be honest Use it! Useful Web 2.0 Whether you like it or not Yes, and …

This Phrase Cloud is a FIRST DRAFT of a visual impression of Phil Bradleys Speech at the Internet Librarian International 2007 in London. This first draft is based on the notes of Guus van den Brekel.

To be added/scanned yet: Phil's own notes that go with the powerpoint via Slideshare

Please feel free to suggest phrases or suggestions!

and the recorded audio file (by Ake on

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