Monday, October 22, 2007

More News in your Sharpreader?

The Library promotes the use of RSS-newsfeeds within the UMCG and the University of Groningen.

Download News about UMCG publications and the CMB! (Use mouse over the text and choose Rightclick; Save Target as)

The Windows University Workstation(UWP) offers you by default the Sharpreader with IT News to staff and students

The Central Medical Library (CMB) now offers you a so-called OPML file , which can be IMPORTED into this SharpReader or your preferred RSSfeed reader.

The Library advices you to use the online personal startpage tool, Netvibes (
This OPML CMB news file contains the new UMCG publications in PubMed and the repository, tables of contents of top medical journals etc.
How to "import" an OPML-file in theSHARPREADER?
- Click RightMouse above the link of the OPML file (CMBoktober2007.xml), and choose "Save Target As" (or "Save Link As" in Firefox. The files MUST be saved as .XML óf .OPML, and not as .html or .txt).
- Open de Sharpreader; Click File;Import Subscriptions,
- Change "Files of Types from "OPML files" into "ALL files" IF you save the file as .xml.
- Select the file in the pop-up menu en choose "Open"

- the new feeds are now included in YOUR selection of newsfeeds.

The library can make tailor-made news selections for you. Móre info.

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