Monday, January 07, 2008

Power2Go : nowhere to get?

The stuff I keep carrying around with me to work or on trips is growing in numbers, but more important is that the growing demand for "power"-and more explicit "portable power"- to be abled to use all those tools and gadgets.

So, I need power to use ánd re-charge my stuff, even when I can not use a wall-plug! Ever since I read about a new Philips product (somewhere in october 2007) I have been trying to find out where I could find and BUY a so-called Power2Go rechargable Power Pack SCE7640/12.

They promise over 60 hours of portable power and all kinds of connector tips, but the Philipscall-center for consumer care has not been abled to locate any useful information about howmuch it would cost and, more important, where I could get one ....
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