Saturday, February 09, 2008

Health Care Event, Saturday, Feb. 9 Slang Life Library

It's a virtual event, but not less real. Health Care Event Saturday, Feb. 9 Slang Life Library

A variety of interesting presentations and a concert by Sanity Inn are offered this Saturday by SL'ang Life magazine. Learn more about the extensive health care offerings in SL.
The event runs from 9 am - 5:30 pm SLT.
For European people GMT+1 : from 18.00 - 02.30

Presenters include:
* Kat Klata- Multiple Sclerosis Help and Support
* Simon Walsh- Wheelies
* ChaCha Biedermann- AIDS and HIV Support
* MB Chevalier- Sexual Health sim
* Avalon Birke- Wellness Island
* Amaya Summer- suicide prevention
* Elspet Glasgow and Vladimir Burdeyna- Ann Myers Medical Center
* Namro Orman- health blogging in SL
* Perplexity Peccable and Skaidrite Norse- SLHealthy website
* Pecos Kidd and Gentle Heron- Virtual Ability, Inc.
* Carolina Keats- Consumer Health Library
* Gentle Heron and Carolina Keats- HealthInfo Island
* Namav Abramovic- health care activism

Sanity Inn will be in concert from 1-2 pm SLT

Posters explaining the work of various health and disability support groups will be on display throughout the day.
Please join us for an event that showcases only a small portion of the activities and groups which are active in Second Life.
See Flickr for some pictures IM Uzi Boa for more details. Saturday, Feb. 9, 9 am - 5:30 pm SLT ------------------------------

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Health Care Event Saturday, Feb. 9 Slang Life Library
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