Sunday, February 17, 2008

PubMed Search widget : Add to other platforms

Offering widgets to users on a Netvibes Universe page is pretty cool, but Netvibes doesn't show up front that people can add them to many other platforms too.
You have to click to the detailed widget-page in the page to see what's possible!
Right now the UWA-modules can be added to: Netvibes, Mac, IPhone, Ipod Touch, Opera Vista, Windows Live and Yahoo widgets. They also promise to provide native social support for many social networks SOON as there are an OpenSocial Launch partner

I was already thinking about how to offer the "Add To" option inside our own university webplatform, but a very good long talk with Delphine Khanna, from Penn Libraries cleared that up.
She talked about & showed me their developments with PennVibes, including a widget that had this "Add To"-option embedded with a drop-down menu. I will talk more about my talk with Delphine later ;-).
But at that point I decided that my UWA widgets HAD to had some kind of "Add To"option too.

So, as a test, I added it to the PubMed Search Widget And for another search widget "NLM SearchBox" I added into the blog sidebar as well.

For people who are interested in OpenSocial, ánd can stand someone from Google talking like a salesrep....... a Youtube video of Campfire One : Introducing OpenSocial
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