Monday, March 03, 2008

Just Another Day At The Office ...

Today was the first day back at the office, after a week (almost) no work in Austria. And when I left the office again I realised that I did many things in those hours I did not plan to do. I also forgot some things I should have done ... They will be waiting for me first thing tomorrow ;-) RememberThe Milk will help me a little with this, but I decided to blog more frequently about our daily work issues again to show what is going on in the Medical Library of a University Medical Center. These items will be short and mixed.
  • Today i did some preparations for next Thursday. I will give a demo to some people of the LiverTransplant department about Virtual worlds like Second Life, Social Networks and more web 2.0 developments.
  • We need more Reference Manager cd's at our Information desks. More and more people (students & staff) ask for them at our Information desks. Our RM courses are very well attended.
  • I bumped into the GoogleTalk badge at the blog from WoWter and decided to try it here too.
  • The Internet Explorer version in the UMCG causes sometimes strange, unexpected errors handling library resources like ScienceDirect, Springer or other fulltext providers. I visited a researcher today with problems accessing pdf's from ScienceDirect. Somehow his settings in handling with this resource had changed. We see browser settings blocking our sfx-tool, the PubMed outside tool and even a proper identification. Untill now nobody can explain these mysterious settings. The best I can do is visit the people personally and help them out the best I can.
  • Another mysterious problem is the not appearing RUGLinks icon in the Pubmed search from the Intranet Library SearchBox. Somehow the frame of the intranet is blocking this and I am digging into the detailed setting of the IE browser.
  • Library staff network accounts sometimes lose their admin status. This causes problems in daily work. I need to settle this with the IT department.
  • Our NetOpSchool client for one of the student desktops in the instruction room was corrupt and I had to re-install it.
  • The harddisk of one of the 80 student deskptops crashed and had to be replaced.
  • The Neurology Department needs a list of their journals in a Word-format to hand over to a Research assessment committee.
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