Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Netvibes Ginger Opens tomorrow for everybody!

The Netvibes Ginger beta program has been a great success, according to the Netvibes Team.
They are about to open Ginger to every Netvibes user TOMORROW and offer all testers the opportunity to invite their friends.

Whether they are already Netvibes users or not, they can be invited, start building their private and public pages and join on Netvibes. You can also use the Find Friends feature to see who of your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter or AIM friends are already on Netvibes.

New stuff on Netvibes Since the start of the beta, many new features have been added and existing ones improved. Check out all Ginger features on the new Ginger website: http://ginger.netvibes.com
I can advise everybody to explore the new Netvibes and the endless possibilities the Ginger universes offer, for library users, librarians ánd libraries. Be sure to exploit and submit every email-account you have to get various universes ;-)

"The Web is Ours"

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