Tuesday, March 25, 2008

QuestionPoint Widget : QWidget

I had never heard of JupiterResearch but according to one of their reports (Oct. 2007), widgets are popular among users. And that I already DID know, but it is always nice to see confirmation like that

"According to Jupiter Research awareness and use of Widgets among online users, which was less than 5% in early 2007, has now increased: 39% of online users are aware of widgets and 26% have used them"
An interesting article to read is "Widgets make a big splash on the Net" in USAToday

If we ever get rid of our Magic Reference Desk software (;-) another candidate is QuestionPoint. It now has Qwidget. This combines the power of QuestionPoint's reference management system with the simplicity of a chat widget. Similar in appearance to our popular MeeboMe widget, it can be placed throughout your library web page and other environments by simply embedding an HTML code.
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