Monday, April 07, 2008

The Ranking of Universities Shift : Scopus for Web of Science

The University of Groningen has been working hard to get into the Times Higher Education QS World University Rankings (currently 173), but may have to review their activities and efforts because there has been a tool switch. They are using Scopus instead of Web of Science (Essential Science Indicators) now . Big problem is that the University of Groningen does not have access to Scopus. In the most recent evaluation of the two, Web of Science still came out as the best, and the decision was to not spend about 60.000 EUR per year for additional access to Scopus. And it looks like Scopus still misses important publications of the University, including 36.764 ciations over a period of 1998-2007. Ending the Web of Science licence is still not an option. I wonder when Universities are going to take matters into their own hands in this REP-race. You do not want to become even more dependent of commerical or political parties. To read more about :
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