Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update on OpenSearch Plugins for Licenced LIbrary Resources

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Of course I know browser plugins are not big news. They have been around for a while now. It just did not pass my path before as a need-to-do priority in the work load I already have.

But suddenly you get the chance to make a great overview because somebody already did a load of work for library licenced databases & plugins. (Aaron Tay, a Librarian with NUS Libraries)
Then I attacked the subject as I normally do: jump in, head first, see what I understand. And figure out what I do not understand, by trial and error. For now this results in a short list of available library plugins.

I was surprised by the nice collection of the MyCroft Project, but just discovered yesterday they also offer a nice Plugin Create/Submit "wizard" This takes away having to understand all details and makes you a plugin that is hosted at their website.
That wizard also offers you to see what other plugins are made off by filling in the plugin number.
For more info, please read the nice overview at the Library Success : a best practice wiki and some nice examples of libraries that did prioritize this sooner!

These are links to info, not direct links to the install.

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Axioms said...

Hi. Thanks for the mention. Mycroft was probably the first time i became aware of the idea of searchplugins, but that was before opensearch and everyone was using sherlock plugins for firefox/bird only. The last time i tried the plugin generator was a bit unstable. If it works better now maybe I should start using that,