Saturday, May 23, 2009

Education and Teaching in Second Life

Kamimo & Namro Orman 11Image by testdriverone via Flickr

I wrote a Dutch article about Education and Teaching in SL about 6 weeks ago, focussing on the Kamimo project, It was published in a new journal on digital libraries, http:/ For all of you who strangly enough do NOT read Dutch that easily... Here is the automated translation of it via Google Translate at Scribd: I have no time to do a proper translation sorry. (Alliance Library Systems and Infoisland Archipelago is mentioned of course!) I also wrote a book review, also in Dutch on the excellent book

Learning and Teaching in the Virtual World of Second Life

by Judith Molka-Danielsen and Mats Deutschmann (eds.) People from Kamimo continued working in a new project together with University of Manchester. The AVALON Project EU funded AVALON is a 2-year project to explore the potential of langugage learning in Second Life. The AVALON Project (Ignite Presentation)
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