Sunday, December 20, 2009

IPC EAHIL2010 Meeting in Lisbon

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The IPC of the EAHIL2010 Conference did meet in Lisabon, Portugal on December 14-15th. On the agenda: abstract grading, presentation schedules, Continuing Education, poster sessions, venue exploration etc.
The local programm committee did an enormous job preparing almost everything in a proposed agenda and conference schedule. It is amazing how much has to be done to run a conference of this size.
While we were dining in Restaurant Valbom, close to our hotel Sana Executive, they were probably still preparing for our arrival on Monday morning.
The meeting was hosted in the facilities of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian surrounded by a wonderful garden  Jardim Calouste Gulbenkian.
After a little slow start on grading and discussing the large amount of abstracts for papers and posters (140+), we managed to finish them all at the end of the 1st day!
It was an honour to be invited for diner that evening at the famous Fado Maior
(good traditional food with fado music). The guitar players were great and the singers, especially
Julieta Estrela were impressive.
I am sure some IPC members took audio recordings, as I did. (What kind of tool can we use to share audio-files between EAHIl-members?)

The second days work consisted of discussing and settling the final arrangements on the CEC's, the chairs, choosing keynote speakers and the social agenda. This we could all arrange in the morning, which gave us time to have a quick visit to the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum.
I was amazed about this special collection, saw some awesome Rembrandts and wonderful Lalique items.
The afternoon was reserved for a visit to the Conference venue, the Estoril  Congress Center.
The travel alone to this venue by public transport was an adventure :-).
The 12th EAHIL Conference "DISCOVERING NEW SEAS OF KNOWLEDGE : Technologies, environments and users in the future of health libraries" will take place in two place: Lisbon for the Continuing Eduction Courses and Estoril for the actual Conference. Imagine June 2010, close to the beach, in a sub-tropical environment...
I thought about that the next morning, when I had 2 hours off before flying back and had to walk in ..... the rain to visit Lisbon city. Unlucky, but overall it was a very good meeting.
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