Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beta Mobile CMB UMCG link

Why create something new if you can use the good work of other? The library does not want to wait any longer and offer the users a mobile webpage. The UBA (University Library of Amsterdam) launched their beta mobile site at UGameULearn 2010 (#ugul10) at a lightning talk of 7 minutes.

A few days later a 7-minutes "ripp-off" by @PetervBoheemen  from Wageningen UR appeared in a tweet by @wowter.
I already promised @Lukask planned to work on a CMB UMCG version, but now I took some time to change the url's (because basically that's what took about 7 minutes :-)

Here is the CMB UMCG version
Most important about all these mobile pages, is that:

  • it's beta, we are working on improving it, based on : user input, common sense and available resources 
  • we can change things fast. So let us know how we can improve or add stuff!

Beta Mobile CMB UMCG
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