Monday, May 31, 2010

Conduit offers Toolbar cut-up : select the Apps YOU want

Without having to install a single Conduit toolbar, you now can select the Apps (toolbar-items cut-up from excisting Toolbars or seperate Apps not belonging to any Toolbar) and construct you own "toolbar".
Starting place is the Conduit App Marketplace
Let's say for instance that I do not want the complete Webicina Toolbar, but just one or two parts.
I would search the App Marketplace for Webicina and See what parts are available as seperate Apps .
You would find 4 Apps:
NOTE: When going to you add the Apps to your browser, so you will only see the Apps that the browser with which you browse supports. Currently, the Beta version of the Chrome support of APPs only supports Gadgets. They are working on adding other APps (Menu Buttons, RSS readers and HTML Apps) for Chrome in the near future.

Just click the link of Medical Professionals and see what happens .

Confirm you want it: The app you're about to install requires Conduit Engine. Once you've installed Conduit Engine on your computer, you'll be able to instantly add apps from all over the Web with no additional installation. It will simply add one icon below your Bookmark toolbar with the functionality of that App. In case of the Webicina App you will get:-  direct link to Webicina Medical Professionals Section-  direct search in the search widget "Search PeRSSonalized" here -  direct link to all professional web 2.0 sections of Webicina-  step by step guides &-  Suggest a Site form 
   In the image you see the Webicina icon, plus a few relevant other Apps that can be found in the Conduit App Marketplace:-  PUBMED Search & Databases (from the Pubmed ToolbarFind Articles App by UConn Libraries All Top Search Engines in One Box
Free Ebooks Search 
Wikipedia Search 

  The Apps can be managed via Right-Mouse Click menu.
This way Apps (or Toolbar elements) can be selected and shared, giving the user more control over his/her browser (toolbar) space.

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