Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Corporate Web Presence SCAN UMCG

Please have a look at another practical use for a Netvibes Public Page.
Here is the first draft of the "Corporate Web Presence Scan" for the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG).
It was created to support the group inside the hospital that is preparing a sort of  a"Social Media Plan & Policy" for the hospital.
The Scan makes it very clear and visible what the Web Presence of the UMCG is. It can be followed day by day, and shows rss-feeds, and Saved Searches where no RSS was available or possible. Any suggestions for adding stuff?

The last Tab contains a tool that almost automatically creates a simular Web Presences Scan, called SocialMention


Aarontay said...

Guus, we really think along the same lines.

I think you should add better Facebook searches.

Social Mention isn't too good with searching Facebook (Think it does only public fan pages)

I suggest 2 methods, See

Guus van den Brekel said...

Thank you Aaron, will have a look.

Openfacebook search seems quite nice, with an embed option.