Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Virtual Research Networks : Towards Research 2.0

Here is my talk  on Virtual Research Networks, where I try to paint a picture around researchers not only disconnecting from the library, but in growning numbers even by-passing the library, using clever applications and web 2.0 technology. In general they use the general social network tools, like Facebook and Linkedin.
They also build their own networks with tools like Ning, ánd -most important- third parties (mostly commerical) develop tools intended to "capture" the researchers in their so-called "workflow" tools.

One possible way for libraries to respond, could be: work together with your key stakeholders in your organization on developing a "Virtual Research Environment" (VRE). Major player worldwide on this topic is JISC. I thank Frederique Van Till, Programme Manager, e-Research at JISC ,kindly for her time in talking to me about the VREs project.

Virtual Research Networks : Towards Research 2.0
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