Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making Library Slidecasts in Slideshare : Opening EAHIL2009

The EAHIL2009 Workshop in Dublin had as motto : "Working with others: explore, engage, extend"
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While having drinks with
Louise Farragher after the closing of the successful Workshop in Dublin, we talked about using the recordings that were taken of the Opening Session. At that time I still had the idea that there were also video-recordings, but it turned out to be "just" audio. Wouldn't it be great to be abled to listen to the actual voice and speech while seeing the slides and/or pictures of presentations afterwards?
For all kinds of reasons, we did not get to really making it work. But now I finally got to it.
With the use of Audacity, a free, open source software for recording and editing sounds, Powerpoint and Slideshare's Slidecast functionality, I created the first 3 Parts of the EAHIL 2009 Opening session and published them via the EAHIL2009 Slideshare account.
The pictures used were taken from the Flickr EAHIL2009 Group Pool . If anyone objects in using their pictures for this project, he or she can contact me.

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