Thursday, September 02, 2010

PubMed Linkout collection of Dutch Universities

Here's is a quick overview of Dutch Universities and their Linkout Collections in Pubmed:
With activated Linkout with XML:

Not (yet) activated Linkout via XML:
ALL DUTCH Libraries with Linkout

Results of the PubMed Search for ALL records with activated filters or via My NCBI Share link. 

DATE: September 2nd 2010
Why?: Because I updated the XML holdings file via Linkout ftp 24 hours ago.
RUGLinks is our SFX Linkresolver solution
The collection Dutch Medical Libraries Collection FULL Text is a the result of ALL DUTCH Linkout providers together in one search, saved & used as custom filter.

All Dutch Libraries using an OutSide Tool:
NETHERLANDS (total: 15)

  • Central Medical Library, UMCG & University of Groningen, The Netherlands (inlugrmlib)

  • GGZ Noord-en Midden Limburg, Wetenschappelijke Bibliotheek, The Netherlands (inlvvgilib)

  • Hanze Hogeschool Groningen (inlhhglib)

  • Hogeschool Utrecht, The Netherlands (inlhulib)

  • Maastricht University Library, Netherlands (inlmaulib)

  • Philips Research Library, Netherlands (inlprlib)

  • RIVM/PBL/NVI bibliotheek (inlrivmlib)

  • St. Elisabeth Ziekenhuis Medische Bibliotheek, The Netherlands (inlsezlib)

  • Synthon (inlsythlib)

  • Twente University Library (inlutwelib)

  • Universiteit Leiden Universiteitsbibliotheek, The Netherlands (inlullib)

  • University of Nijmegen Library (Radboud), NL (inlradulib)

  • University of Utrecht Library, The Netherlands (inluulib)

  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (inlvulib)

  • Wageningen UR Library (inlwurlib)
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