Sunday, December 19, 2010

MedLibMob : Medical Apps & Mobile Medical Libraries

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As we are busy in our library (Central Medical Library, University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands) with an iPad on Loan Project, ánd working on a new mobile library site, I suddenly thought how easy it would be to have community of medical librarians & libraries to:
  • exchange information and experiences with (creating) mobile medical library sites and/or apps.
  • create listings of existing and future content providers supporting mobile devices
  • share knowledge about and review the fast growing range of Medical Apps for mobile devices on any relevant platforms (iPhone, iPads, Android, etc...)
This new Facebook group has CHAT features (till we reach >250 members), post, links, photo's, videos, events.
To connect several platforms there is also:
* Netvibes Public Page to aggregate existing web content into one place:       and a collection of

* Delicious Bookmark:

I started a new Google CSE "Medical APPs Search" MAPPS to test if this could be helpful in finding medical apps more easier. 
Medical Apps Search (MAPPS)

Drop me a link, post or message if you have any suggestions!
If you are a medical librarians (or related, or just want to know about them), come & join me!

Join The MedLibMob Group: * or the MedLibMob Community Facebook Fan Page: * 

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