Saturday, January 15, 2011

Medical Apps Daily : your daily or weekly Newspaper based on Twitter & facebook

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Medical Apps Daily  organizes links shared on Twitter and Facebook into an easy to read newspaper-style format.
This sounds like it combines twitter AND facebook news, but it doesn't. You can create Newspapers based on:

  • your twitteraccount The newspaper will be created using all the links (articles) shared in the past 24 hours(or within a week)  by yourself (editor in chief) AND the people you follow (contributors
  • a twitter tag
  • a twitter list
  •  on a search of all public posts on facebook
  • or a custom paper
    You can query Twitter with a more complex search term than just a #tag (e.g. find all the tweets that talk about climate AND carbon but NOT solar = climate carbon -solar).
    You can also restrict the Twitter users that can contribute content to the paper by specifying a Twitter list.
    They promise that more features are on the way...
    Medical Apps Daily is focussed on a twitter search:

    (medical OR medicine OR health OR e-health OR m-health) (app OR apps OR mobile OR iphone OR android OR iPad OR blackberry)

    I will tweak this search, but could use your help and advice. 
    So, If you have comments or suggestions for improvement of this quick & dirty search, please comment on this post, tweet to @digicmb or @medlibmob

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