Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mobile App Building made easy? Conduit Mobile takes it a step further

I am trying this new Mobile App Builder from Conduit. It claims to create Apps for the big 5 platforms: Android, iPhone, Nokia, Windows 7, Blackberry
You can create one in minutes with help of the clever wizard that will analyse your website for rss feeds and your social media presence in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
There is a promising "custom" part to hopefully make it possible to show and use previously created Conduit Apps via the Toolbars, and embed html widgets. I am going to test that.
Also interesting is the "Slice" function, a kind of Web-scraping tool that magically takes the selected html from any selected web-pages. It will be nice to try out what the limits are here.

Short video at

Here the current status of the Medical Apps Daily App ...

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