Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dr Who and Libraries : 11 Resources Libraries need to use more ...

Truly amazing and funny video of a presentation by Phil Bradley making the link between all past and present Dr. Who doctors and librarians at CILIPWALES. Here's a brief summary of the resources he mentioned. 
But, really, you have to watch to video!

  1. Home Startpages (Netvibes, get one for you and go Public for the library,
  2. Bookmarking sites ( Delicious, Diigo etc.)
  3. Podcasting
  4. Weblogs
  5. Guiding resources (Trailfire, Jogtheweb, PearlTrees, Livebinders, ...)
  6. Messaging and Chat
  7. Wiki's
  8. "One trick ponies"
    1. BookSeer
    2. SurveyMonkey
    3. Animoto
    4. BB FlashBack Express
    5. Tagxedo
    6. Wall Wisher,
  9. Social Networking ( Facebook, Linkedin, CILIP Communities, Quora, Yahoo Answers)
  10. QR Codes (and linking to : Videos, New arrivals, Treasure Hunt, Contact details etc
  11. Twitter
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