Monday, June 20, 2011

Good News from Conduit! Search boxes, widgets, Apps & Extensions back online in 2 weeks!

Today -after extensive contact with Conduit Support via Skype- I got the confirmation and promise that the search service that powers the search boxes, widgets, gadgets and browser extensions, will be restored with the coming new version, to be released within up to two weeks.
I am very happy to hear they took my request very seriously and decided - as a token of appreciation and because I have been a loyal publisher for years- to support this service again!

In one of my previous posts you can read what the extent of the problem is for me :
Small changes, big impact? Conduits growth & problems for me

As token of appreciation back, I will change all boxes with a direct reference back to Conduit, like in this one:

More exciting news to come from Conduit ... as I was told that a new version of the Custom HTML for Mobile should be released very soon.
Now I am not sure if this will make these above mentioned boxes work inside these mobile apps, OR that they will make it possible for Toolbar owners to get their custom gadgets available IN the mobile app. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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