Friday, September 30, 2011

OpenAccess Week : activities & tools?

We are thinking of doing something for OpenAccess Week 2011 ...
If you could have an Openaccess Toolbar, a tailor-made widget or browser extension, a Wibar or even a mobile version, WHAT would to definitely like to have in it?
Please let me know and I will add the content.
Some examples, (but it's really unlimited: If it's on the web, I can get it in there!)
-Direct search in OAISTER, DOAJ, OPENDOAR, PLoS, Springer Open , ....
- See Twitter News from important OpenAccess Tweeps and Tworgs
- See the Facebook updates
- Updates from prominent OA Blogger
- Updates from OA Publishers
- ....
QuickLinks to .. you name it , movies, pictures, rss feeds, menu's, tickers searchboxes
All info can be shown, read, inside your browser, without you having to leave what you are doing.
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