Sunday, October 09, 2011

RefGrab-it Bookmarklet for iPad / iPhone?

RefGrab-It works with your browser to capture bibliographic information from web pages giving you the option to import that data into your RefWorks account.
Read about how to add the RefGrab-it bookmarklet to your IE or FF browser here.
It appears that this RefGrab-it bookmarklets does not work fully on Safari browsers on iPad/iPhone. It grabs the reference, but when trying to import ..... Nothing happens!!
so, just for the excercise .... Bookmarklets can be very useful. To install these in "normal" browsers is rather simple. They appear as a Boommark in your Bookmark bar and can be activated by single click when needed.
On the iPad it is a bit more complicated, but not difficult.
Here the description on how to install the RefGrab-it bookmarklet in the iPad browser.

Step 0: Open this post on your ipad ....

Step 1: Use "Add Bookmark" (it does not matter from what page) to create a bookmark and ..

Step 2: Call it : RefGrab-IT and click"SAVE"

Step 3: Open Bookmarks & History (click the open book ...)

Step 4: Go to the Bookmarks Bar, and click "EDIT" (upper-right corner)

Step 5: Click the "RefGrab-it"bookmark. Edit Bookmark window will open

Step 6: Now copy the text inside the box below, and simply paste it inside the line BELOW the title of the bookmark. This is normally the url, but this time we will PASTE this little javascript in it.

Step 7 No need to save! Just click anywhere outside the pop-up, the window will close and the Bookmarklet is installed!

Add the RefGrab-it Bookmarklet

You can now test the bookmarklet to get access to the latest UMCG publications "atUMCG"

Click on a title. Then click the RefGrab-it bookmarklet and see what happens ...

Thanks to Chris Bray:

Here is his list of Bookmarklets to use for the iPad/iPhone:


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Next in line to create:

  • Put these bookmarklets on Feedflare units to INCLUDE them in the posts, instead of in the Bookmark bar.

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