Thursday, November 03, 2011

There's an App for that too!

In the latest issue of the Dutch Journal on Digital Libraries "Digitale Bibliotheek", no. 10 october 2011 some texts of me are published in an article called "Daar is ook een App voor!", about medical libraries, mobile and apps. Unfortunately it is no Open Access journal, so you will have to wait a little for the fulltext. (And of course it is in Dutch)
 In a short while, I will put my pre-print version on my personal page at the University of Groningen Webportal.
For now I am putting the used links in here.

  1. Ipads on Loan CMB project wiki,
  2.  iPads, Mobile Libraries and Medical apps
  3. MedicalApps  :   a public Netvibes page with the most important Medical Apps Search tools in one place. News on New, Free, Pricedrops, reviewed Medical Apps
  4. Medical APPs Search (MAPPS), 
  5. Ten predictions for the mobile health market 
  6. Designing for Mobile First,
  7. TEDxMaastricht - Daniel Kraft - "What's next in healthcare?" 
  8. TEDxMaastricht, 
  9. iTunes U, iTunes voor Universiteiten
  10. Volume licencing for educational institutions Apple,
  11. Yale medical school switching to iPad curriculum, Harvard medical school creating custom apps,
  12. ZweigBibliothek Medizin MΓΌnster iPadAusleihe,

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