Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Leaving Facebook for Google Plus?

How to get Facebook content to share to Google+ instead of on Facebook? Is there an App for that?

I am leaving Facebook..... at least for my work-related updates I do NOT want to use my Facebook status updates constantly anymore.

Too many friends complain about the spam-like feeling they get from me ...

So, as part of testing Google Plus more extensively for work-related topics, I will be posting updates at, and on related pages I created:
- Project 23 (for EAHIL):
- Medlibs of the World MeLOW:
Of course I will post updates on the several facebook pages available:

- MedLibMob : Medical LIbrarians & Mobile :

- EAHIL : European Association of Health Information and Libraries :

- Pubmed Toolbar :

- Second Life Medical Library 2.0 :

- Medical Museums WorldWide Discovery :

- Open Access Toolbar :

- Put Your Feet Up! : at nice spots and share the pics :

- MedlinePLus Toolbar :

- Nordic-Baltic Association for Medical and Health Information :

- The Paper Link :
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