Friday, April 13, 2012

RSS functionality in University of Groningen Library Catalogue

This week we got the notice that RSS functionality had been activated in our University of Groningen Library Catalogue
This is a long-standing wish of many librarians, mostly because of the possibilities it creates to distribute and aggregate information about publications listed in this Catalogue.
Alert lists for individuals or departments, new books on specific topics, new ebooks and ejournals ... to name a few. It opens a new range of features and services.
Currently I have indication that the RSS works without any issues in Internet Explorer, Opera & Safari.(See screenshots below)

For FirefoxFirefox and Chrome I had to do some work to make those browsers "SEE" RSS feeds on a webpage.

FIREFOX: To make RSS enabled in Firefox, so you can see the RSS icon in your address bar,
you have to go to: VIEW; Toolbars; Customize and DRAG the RSS icon (called "Subscribe") somewhere into or near your address bar.

CHROME: To make RSS enabled in CHROME, you can install the RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)

Here is an example of a Catalogue Feed (searching for publications of the UMCG) in the
CMB Public Netvibes page

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